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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ >> yee-haw! craig: i was surprised to notice that when i went backstage that tori belucci was here from "myth busters" hitting on my leprechaun. >> he is very handsome. craig: you don't hit on another man's leprechaun. >> he's got a pot of gold. craig: my apologies to ted alexaandro. he was meant to be on the show but apparently there's too many
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geek energy in the room to allow anything to happen. were you at comic-con? >> yeah, we were. craig: together? >> that's where i found him. craig: were you at comic-con? >> i tried to get a job. >> he hasn't gotten one yet. craig: you can be on "doctor who" as the evil help caun. >> where is this guy from? craig: i think pakistan. >> thank you very much. >> he's got a very weird accent. craig: yeah, you do is a very weird accent. >> ay. craig: say good night, everybody. good night. [cheers and applause] ,,,,,,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. the debt crisis hits home. more than one million californians won't get paid if washington can't figure it out. plus what president obama tweeted that lost him thousands of followers. drivers are going so fast that the c. has started a new crackdown using a speed trap nobody can see. what did you do on this friday night? thousands laced up to say good- bye to a tray mission many of us grew up. >> i'm dana king, the republicans finally manage to pass a bill to raise the debt
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ceiling, but it was dead on arrival in the senate, the democrats killed it. >> we're seeing real consequences here in california. the state say 1.2 million cran i can'ts probably won't get their unemployment checks if california doesn't wrap this up by the deadline. here's how bizarre this is getting. apple, now has more cash than the u.s. treasury. about two million dollars more. as of today, the government has less than $39 million on hand to pay its bills. how about this? the insure ofs may have won the bell on wall street today, not many investors smiling. all this uncertainty that has led to a drop of nearly 600 points in the dow this week. late tonight, word of yet another plan to fix this mess. jessica stone is in washington. >> if not the eyes are 59 -- >> reporter: the senate
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rejected john boehner's bill to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending by $917 billion. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: it comes two hours after the house nearly passed the plan. not a sing vote came from the democrat. >> it is time for our colleagues across the riel, put of something on the table. tell us where you are. >> reporter: boehner holding the vote after nearly 24 hour was closed door arm twisted with conservative republicans who wanted a measure to raise the debt ceiling at the end of the year only if congress passes a balanced budget amendment. >> that is the thing the american people want, and i am enthusiastic about this. >> reporter: it's a poisoned bill for democrats. >> an amendment that literally holds a gun to the heads of the economy of the united states of america. >> reporter: but the way the senate rejected speaker boehner's proposal allows them to use the framework of the
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bill to make a compromise. harry reid offered up a new plan that incooperated more republican concerns and allows the president to raise the debt ceiling in three steps. >> unless there is a compromise, we're headed for disaster. >> reporter: congress is expected to work through another weekend. the date for default on the nation's debt is now just four days away. >> jessica, this new proposal by senator reid, real estateically does it bring congress closer to an agreement the republicans can go along with, the president can sign? >> reporter: fair to say probably just a baby step. it is an effort to begin the process towards that ultimate compromise. showing this latest position he's willing to go no new taxes, going with the one for one proposal in which each dollar the debt limit is increased, there was a corresponding decrease in
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spend. mitch mcconnell, unwilling so far to meet with him. it's going to take mcconnell, pelosi, boehner, all of these guys back at the able with white house officials over the weekend, if they can't get something to debate and vote on, they're running out of time. >> it'll be a long weekend, isn't it? >> reporter: uh-huh. >> jessica stone in washington, thank you. president obama created quite a stir on twitter today. it cost him more than 30,000 followers. his staff sent out tweets urging followers to tell their congressman to support a bipartisan solution. the messages included names, phone numbers and twitter handles of republicans. followers felt the state by state tweets were creating too much noise, so they unfollowed the president. >> it's just about this time of night that the c. starts to worry. they've noticed that more people are speeding on the bay bridge at night. not just a little over the
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speed limit, a lot over the limit. don knapp tells us what is giving drivers away, don. >> reporter: dana, you know that when traffic is heavy on the bay bridge, we all drive slowly, when traffic is light, we're apparently driving much faster. no one knew how much until the sensors gave us the speed. take a look at the traffic. now two years ago, after a tractor trailer rig went over the side and fell about 200 feet, killing the driver, caltrans installed warning signs and lowered the speed limit. also they installed detectors for speed. they also did heavy speed enforcement. now as driver elizabeth says, just about everyone is driving faster. >> in the bay area generally people tend to drive way faster than the speed limit. and i notice that chp doesn't
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stop you unless you're going above the flow of traffic. >> reporter: so it's back to doing it the hard way, enforcing the speed limit with speed patrols. last time they did this, they obviously were able to lower the speeds. that's one way you get people to pay attention, you make them pay. and the paying hurts. dana. >> ab shutly, don knapp, thank you. the first public comments from the man lapd beat up bryan stow. he sums up his feelings with two words. the police have exonerated ramirez in the beating of stow, but he is still in prison on a patrol violation. lawyers have asked a judge to release him from prison. the statement from ramirez reads, more than anything, i'm upset. not for myself, but for the grief and the embarrassment that my friends, family, and loved ones have been put through.
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oakland has seen its share of violence, but one fatal shooting has hit a nerve. a good samaritan shot while delivering hot meals. the gathering is tonight to remember brother john. >> reporter: in the nursery rhyme, john is asked, are you sleeping, nothing here is a fairy tale. in fact, this makeshift memorial is a grim reminder of the murder of brother john. >> he lost his life giving and touching other lives, just to him as his spirit, it's amazing. >> reporter: on the unforgiving streets of oakland, 29-year-old terrace powell was brother john. just after midnight wednesday morning, powell, his wife and two young step daughters were sitting in the their van on 47th avenue offering a fish dinner through the window to william holloway when the night
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exploded. >> he turned his head, that's when the guy fired three shots. >> reporter: he was taken off life support wednesday night. his wife returns to the scene tonight. a scene too much to bare. >> i'm a little app hencive about coming out, even though he means a lot to our family, he also meant a lot to the community. >> reporter: powell's family says he had no enemies, a murder that's inexplicable, outrageous to the oakland police department. who have have suspect description, but believe the shooter was driving a 2001 ford minivan similar to this. meanwhile his family prays for strength to get through this murder. >> god have mercy on him. >> reporter: in oakland, robert lyle, cbs 5. and a memorial for a man, his buddies tell us was the nicest guy in the world. deputy sheriff killed while trying to help his friend's daughter. a dozen motorcycle officers led
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the recession to the auditorium. jim was unarmed and off-duty when he tried to break up a fight between his friends daughter and the exboyfriend. the exboyfriend shot and killed him. >> jim was very generous, kind- hearted. he's the type of guy that would do anything for you. many people were surprised, they didn't have to ask in order to get help from jim. >> if you needed anything, he'd do it for you. if you needed your car washed, he'd wash it. he was an absolute great all- around guy. >> reporter: matteson's murder was the first from the sheriff's department's in more than 100 years. the santa clause fired from the macy's in union square for telling a racy joke has died. he was found as i had hotel today.
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he worked at the bar after macy's dumped him and the bar gave him a lifetime contract to play santa. he was 69 years old. and in oakland, the mayor put the spotlight on these kids. they are spending the summer cleaning up the city. they're part of one of many city-paid youth teams, tasked with picking up litter. this is one of the few programs that survived after the loss of federal funding forced the city to cut 500 jobses if your honor people. another landmark is going away of the the drive-in theater. after more than three decades, the owners of a roller skating rink in the south bay are hanging up their scats. we explain the closure has little to do with the lack of money, kit. >> reporter: my wife had toe remind, its been about 20 years since we have been here. i still got it. so it's not for the owner all day today, he said after a really good run, he wanted to
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leave on a high note. the only thing harder that are succeed in the roller rink business, is leaving it. can you say chris with 100% certainty that this is something you're not going to regret? >> no. >> reporter: chris and trey have practically worked seven days a week, ten to 12 hours a day for much of the past 34 years. you guys are tight? >> yes. to put it simply, yes. >> reporter: with admission at $5 to $15. financially the zing doing well. the building itself is also getting old and taking more time and money. >> you could raise price. >> that's not right. i think we're high as it is. i feel we're high as it is. >> reporter: they opened the rink in 1977, quickly become a favorite local hangout. the sport took off, and call
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state hosted the first world games. since then it has spawned generations of memories and awkward teen romances. have you ever come here without a girlfriend and left with one? >> i wouldn't call her a girlfriend, but yeah, i did. what was it like to hang out with the boys? >> you roller skate, shake your booties and have one. >> reporter: there were 18 rinks in the bay area, now there will only be five. they're work at consultants or invest the money. time to roll into the next phase of their lives. i want to thank the skaters that really supported us. >> they've come back over all the years. >> i sound kind of corny to quote bob hope, thanks for the memories. >> reporter: and speaking of romance, you'll never guess where the owner met his wife, yeah right here in south bay.
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>> 6:00 p.m. this sunday. that's the end. >> reporter: the end of an era. >> wow, kit, thank you. >> you laced them up there didn't you? >> my friend maureen, we took a short speed skating course. we were pretty bruceed up every week. how much did it cost you last time you filled up? the plan the government and car makers have come up with to see each american car owner eight grand at the pump. you're going to hear how one man cheated death, ,,,,,,,,,
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president obama wants your car to get better gas mileage. he announced today a new proposal to set any standards for cars and trucks sold in the united states. now under requirements currently in place, the fuel economy of all 2011 cars and trucks have to average out to be 27-miles a gallon. but 2025 though, they'll have to average about 54-miles a gallon. for most american families, that means filling up the tank every two weeks instead of every week and saving $8,000 in fuel costs over the life of that vehicle. the first funerals were held today for the 77 people kill the in the norway massacre.
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mourners raised red rose to honor the victims. investigators say confessed killer bravic was strikingly calm when they interrogated him for a second time today. ere now and then, there are stories about people who survive people survive plane crashes. tonight, dean rhone olds introduces us to a man who did both. >> reporter: this is the last place michael thought he'd end up when he left home on wednesday. the upstate new york autoshop owner intended to fly his 150 solo to wisconsin. four hours in, he had engine trouble near the canadian border and crashed into lake herron. he was lucky to have survived a 3,000-foot plunge into the balmy 70-degree waters. >> when i got out, i was swimming, i was under water. when i got to the surface, only the tail was sticking up.
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i grabbed the tail and watched her go down. >> reporter: along was emergency beacon tank. 17-miles from shore, all alone and without a life vest, he spotted a smokestack and set i his sights on getting there. he alternated between floating, swimming, and treading water. >> all the other boats were too far away to hear me yelling. >> reporter: he was exhausted but refused to close his eyes. >> if you fall asleep, that's your death calling. i kept my eyes open the whole night. >> reporter: as the hours wore on, he began to fear the worst. >> there were times i thought it was going to happen when i was coughing or gagging and struggling to breathe that i thought that might happen. but i was just hoping, there's got to be a boat somewhere. >> reporter: after 18 hours, one boat saw him. two women on a yacht saw
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trapped waving a sock. dean pulled him aboard. >> we would have left five minutes earlier or later, you know, it'd probably be a different story. >> i started crying when he turned around. i was so happy. >> reporter: after riding a boat to the shore and ambulance to the hospital here in zag gnaw, he was weak, but in good shape. doctors say he'll be out tomorrow. when he goes home though, he intends to make that journey by car. dan reynolds, michigan. >> can't blame him. this is a battle over a bikini because an oregon woman says she was kicked out of a wal-mart for wearing a bikini top. the store says customer's complained, when an employee approached her, she became verbally abusive.
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complaint written apologize in the newspaper. and i think they need to financially compensate me for the humiliation that they've caused me over this. >> sandy says she has talked to a lawyer. the cbs 5 weather center. low clouds and fog surging on shore, will it be a fabulous weekend ahead? we'll talk about that next. before we get to you, do you ever wonder what happened to fabio? >> we found out. >> it's very sunny today, and it's still show so nice on fabio's skin. from the satellite picture, it looks like this, very romantic fabio hair blowing, lots and lots of wind, pushing -- >> fabio did the weather for a station in the portland. the real weather, when ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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very nice day around the bay area today.
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lots of sunshine in the valley. couple patches of fog and that is surging back on shore over the city of san francisco into the bay and beginning to make its way to the valleys. weekend look is good though. temperatures cooling off a few degrees. maybe some 90s, you've got to go well inland for that. mostly sunny in the afternoon, and out towards the coastline, partly cloudy and cool breezy too. we've got 61 treat thereby with 62 in san jose. still, it looks like high pressure holding on just strong enough to bring you lots of sunshine, that moon sunny of moisture ripping across the sierra nevada. if you're heading that direction, be careful. a nice weekend on tap for the bay area. start out the morning hours, you get days like this. this is gorgeous towards the afternoon, 86 in linmore.
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50s and 60s. we are going to watch temperatures coming down. it looks like we are going to see great weather ahead. those numbers will cool off towards the middle of ,,,, i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me
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so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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" " in 2003, the raiders used their first round pick on a quarterback from cal. >> the oakland raiders select
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the quarterback, california. >> eight years later, he is a household name and the best cornerback in football. he's also now a former raider. after agreeing to a five-year $60 million deal with the eagles. niners held their first practice this afternoon, alex smith isn't allowed to participate until next thursday. that means plenty of rest forcapper neck and maybe a fewsnaps for jim harbaugh. >> you wish you could come up with the formula to try to bottle of enthusiasm and the energy that football players have for the first day of training camp. there's nothing like it. it's almost the best cay day of the year. >> two days after the giants picked up beltran, they picked
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up hunter pence. we pick it up in the tenth, bases load, it's going to take a fly ball deeper than that. he fires a one hot strike deal to makes the tag and the inning. the reds would come through with the big heat. world series nvp with a game- winning double off brian wilson. reds take the series opener 4- it. >> his most in a start at the coliseum this season, and the scoring didn't stop there for the twins. michael hits a three-run homer to blow it open. number 16 for him. twins win 9-5. share pow vas the highest see the remaining, serena williams is still the most accomplished player in the field. she needed just 69 minutes to beat sharapova and advanced the
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semimy finals as she continues her comeback from foot surgery. it's amazing she was even out there. she had a blood clot in her lung. just amazing she believe to get back so quickly. >> she looks great. i think she's back. >> i would agree with you. >> all ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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